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Ambiciti lets you connect the dots between pollution and your health

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Setting the application only takes a few seconds


Every moment follow your exposure to noise and air pollution


Create your own journey and compare to see which one is the most suitable for your needs (noise, air ...)


From point A to point B, three possible routes: Google, the quietest, best air.


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Automatic measurement, Energy Saving ...


Data reliability

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Last data for noise and IQA

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Your day: Exposure to air pollution

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Your day: noise exposure, noise levels


Exposure hour / hour and average. per day or per month


Your journey with pins in the noise level and IQA


Which route minimizes exposure to noise or air pollution? Here the answer:)


Map the pollution in your street and neighborhood

And much more!

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“Ambiciti is a French app that could be classified as a “Swiss army knife” of the exposure to pollutants that citizens experience every day, offering information on concentration of NO2, PM2.5 and O3 ”

- Judit Urquijo

“utile et données rendues anonymes ne semble pas exploiter les donnés perso, et comme c'est fait sous l'égide de l'Inria ça donne confiance. la consommation d'énergie de l'application est bien optimisée, cool :)”

- Denis

“Top J'adore cette application ”

- Virgile


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Instant measurement

Journey: publishing and creation

First cities served

Air pollution: today

Noise: today

Create your parcous

Journey data

City and address or point on map

OPptimal routing

Statistics: day/month

Map your neighborhood

3 possible routes


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