Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Ambiciti?

Ambiciti is a social startup that aims to change environmental consciousness.
We want to help people, businesses and governments make decisions that better account for the impacts of pollution on health and well being.

What does the Ambiciti App Do?

  • Ambiciti has created a mobile app that tracks personal air and noise pollution exposure in real time as users go about their life.

  • The app combines noise and air pollution estimates with personal activity and location data to estimate cumulative exposure over time.

  • The application lets users:

    • Know cumulative and historical exposures to air pollution and noise;
    • Understand when and where they experience unsafe exposures;
    • Find the safest routes for travel within cities;
    • Examine and photograph sources of pollution they encounter.

  • Ambiciti is continuously improving the app to enhance its features and value and welcomes users feedback

Why Do We Need Ambiciti?

  • Today, people’s decisions are not informed by their actual exposure to pollution.

  • People need to get pollution information in a way that is personalized, meaningful, and engaging.

  • By making pollution data more available, personalized, and understandable, people will make more environmentally protective decisions and our political decisions will be more environmentally protective.

Ambiciti’s Technology

  • Ambiciti has developed a global data platform to make sense of the growing ecosystem of environmental health data. The platform combines and integrates accessible data on pollution sources emissions, data from fixed and mobile pollution sensors, and data from personal activity and produces estimates, forecasts and other data services for users.

  • The Ambiciti platform is now acquiring data on air pollutants and noise. In the future, the Ambiciti platform and app will add data on other pollutants, such as airborne allergens and radiation.

How is Ambiciti Different From Other Apps that track Pollution?

  • Ambiciti differs from other solutions to give consumers pollution data in several important ways:

    • We estimate pollution levels based on all available data sources and the best available technology for each pollutant;
    • We do not rely exclusively on data from government operated monitors and sensors;
    • We include multiple environmental agents;
    • We estimate pollution concentrations at a street scale and in real time;

    • We track as users cumulative exposure;

    • We will allow users to contribute data.

How does Ambiciti Use Private Data?

  • The Ambiciti mobile app uses the user's mobile device microphone to estimate exposure to noise; Ambiciti measures only the volume of the sound and does not record the content.

  • The Ambiciti mobile app uses the user's location to compute exposure and to contribute the user's sound measurements to a city noise map.

  • Users have the option not to share sound level data collected by the app with Ambiciti.

  • Ambiciti does not share or sell the data it acquires from any individual users devices.

  • Ambiciti allows users to view and download noise exposure records.

Ambiciti accompanies you daily.