Environmental pollution has had avoidable financial and human costs
to society & industry.
Today, we have the motivation and the means to respond to these costs…

Noise pollution

Discomfort, fatigue, nervousness, lack of concentration.

1.7 million deaths in Europe per year.

43% of French people say they are bothered by noise.

High noise levels result in impaired auditory system.
To keep a safe noise level of 45 dba we should build our homes to over 300m from roads.

Air pollution

90% of European citizens exposed to harmful levels of pollution to health.

1/3 of EU citizens exposed to levels of pollution and EU air quality standards.

48,000 deaths in France / year.

600,000 deaths in Europe and 7 million worldwide / year.


Asthma, rhinitis.

15% of the French population affected, 1 in 2 will be involved in 2050 in the world.

An allergic person waits seven years before going to see a doctor.

More than 3 million deaths / year worldwide.

About pollution

Some explanation of the standards and different pollutants

Air pollution : AQI

Noise pollution





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