Ambiciti delivers sector specific environmental quality intelligence necessary to inform business decisions.

Our Skill

Ambiciti is the only data services company to deliver personalized environmental data on multiple pollutants.

The Ambiciti platform combines street-level forecasting with public and private sensor based observations leveraging technological innovations in mobile and cloud computing, data assimilation and numerical simulation.

Health Care

Doctors will be able to quantify the impacts of pollution on the individual patients they care for and provide patients personalized advice.

Payers will be able to identify which patients and which solutions to environmental problems can lower healthcare costs.

Real Estate

Sellers will put a value on the health of the land.

Developers will know environmental risks.
Buyers will be aware.

Planning and urban development: private and public.

Well Being

Walkers, runners, and cyclists will learn the path with the least pollution.

Wellness improvement in business.

All pollutants

Our expertise in environmental data assimilation can meet your need and specific field of use.

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